Congressional District 18

Every ten years the United States conducts a census, the last one occurred in 2010. With population shifts the State legislators redraw the congressional districts. The current 112th Congressional districts ( TX-18 ) will not be in effect for the 2012 elections. In June 2011 Governor Perry signed into law the new map ( PlanC185 ) which was to be used for the 113th Congress and the 2012 elections. 13 states with a history of voter rights discrimination must obtain Department of Justice (DOJ) approval. The State bypassed the pre-clearance process and sought approval from a three judge panel in The U.S. District Court, District of Columbia. DOJ says the map violates section 5 of the voters rights act. This hearing is ongoing. At the same time 14 lawsuits were combined in Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas in San Antonio, this case is over, but they are waiting for the court in D.C to render a ruling. So, until the courts have ruled in the case, the maps for the 113th Congress have not been enacted. To stay up to date on this issue please visit the States official redistricting site:

Link to Intern Map by three Judge Panel in San Antonio.

Zoomable, detailed street map.
This is not the final map.