Champion Fiscal Responsibility:

Congress is the steward of our country’s money. Our government is taking in $5 billion per day, but spending $9 billion per day. I will work to reduce our spending and create a balanced budget.

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment.


Jobs and the Economy:

I have the experience working with government and business to improve economic growth. My leadership in Afghanistan has demonstrated the synergy that can occur between business and government, resulting in economic growth.

The civilian sector has been overburdened with big government and bureaucratic regulations that have stifled growth and hiring.

The private sector must be allowed tax incentives to put people to work. The SBA has a Micro-loan program that is designed to spur business growth in low income and poverty stricken areas. This program will help the people of District 18 to create new job opportunities.


Our current tax system is over-complicated and favors a few. I believe that the system needs to be overhauled, and replaced with a simpler and fairer tax system.

I believe the inheritance tax should be eliminated. This tax punishes hardworking people trying to pass their life savings to their heirs. I believe the child tax credit needs to be increased.


Strong National Defense:

Our National defense is vital to our security and our way of life. Having served on the front lines, I know the hardship that is created when we send our sons and daughters into harm’s way. The use of armed action is the final option of diplomacy and committing our forces must be prudent and in our national interest.

I knows the issues that veterans face and I have a commitment to serve them.


Border Security:

I spent 13 months working with the Afghan and Pakistan police to secure their border, and improve customs and immigration. I have seen firsthand what works and what does not. Some of the same technology that the Army successfully employed in that part of the world can also be used on our US border. The bottom line is to make our borders safe and prevent criminals, terrorists, drug and human traffickers from entering our country.

The United States has always been the land of opportunity. People will always want to come here for a better life for themselves and their family. We must first secure the border before dealing with the illegal immigration issue. We must use the agencies we currently have to enforce the laws that are already in existence. The use of the National Guard on the border is a viable short term solution to secure the border.